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About MyTopTeacher.com

We’ll try to keep this short.

Throughout our lives, we rely on teachers to impart knowledge to us, guide us, and help us in some way.

As children, we learn to dance, play a musical instrument, and play a sport from a coach.

While in school and college, we spend more time with our professors and tuition teachers than anyone else.

As adults, we take courses that will help us with our jobs or take a class to get a good GMAT score. We realize that we’re getting out of shape, and hire a personal trainer to ‘make’ us fit again. We also want to get in touch with our spiritual side, and hope that yoga will help with this.

We then move into singing and perhaps get motivated by our children to learn about some new technology. Who knows, we may even start teaching others from our own life experiences.

The point is, we are always students, no matter what our age is. Our goal is to make the lives of ‘students’ and their teachers a bit easier.

How MyTopTeacher.com can help:

  • It helps students, and their parents to find the right class based on information provided by teachers, and other users’ ratings on various different criteria.
  • It allows all users to add and rate teachers so others can benefit from their valuable feedback. Further, all ratings, good or bad, will motivate teachers to be the best they can.
  • As a teacher, you can use this platform to let others know about you. Get your students to rate you so others can see how good you are! Teachers, sign up here.

To sum it up, here is Our Vision:

At MyTopTeacher.com, we strongly believe in people and products that can better our lives. We believe in honesty, hard work, and ἀρετή, a Greek term meaning ‘living up to your full potential’.

REMEMBER: All your information is strictly confidential, and we will never sell it to outsiders.

We hope you enjoy MyTopTeacher.com!

Disclaimer: This website is merely to provide information to students about teachers and the choices that are left open to them. This information in no way is intended to offend any teacher or promote any teacher. All comments made by any students are strictly their comments and in no way represent the views of the website or Fuse Publications Pvt. Ltd. This information is provided on the basis of the public's right to know and on the basis of freedom of speech and expression.