1. What is MTT?

MTT is your platform to rate your teachers so others can benefit from your valuable feedback. It’s also a platform for you to find suitable teachers based on other users’ ratings. See our About Us page for more details.

2. Is MTT Free?

MTT is currently free for all users that want to rate and find teachers. It is also free for all teachers/institutes at this point as well, so sign up today!

3. Why use MTT?

Today, people are taking more classes and tuitions than ever before. Why not use a resource that allows you to find suitable teachers for you based on many other users’ ratings, and also allows you to rate all your teachers so others can benefit from your valuable feedback.

4. Why shouldn’t I just call my friends for information on teachers?

There are a few reasons:

We give you an aggregate of multiple users’ ratings. This means that you can choose teachers based on many users’ ratings as opposed to just one. Our platform combines the opinions of our users and presents you with a more complete reflection of a particular class, teacher or institution.

Our comprehensive registration form ensures that teachers provide plenty of useful information for you to help as you choose an appropriate teacher.

Your friends might not know about certain teachers, but there will definitely be someone in the MTT community who can give you feedback on teachers you are interested in.

We provide a platform where you can be loud and be seen! Our members feel connected through MTT and appreciate our ability to publicize their voice.

We uncover stuff you might not know about. By visiting MTT regularly, you may discover certain people, classes or institutions that you were never aware of!

5. What should I do on MTT?

1. Find your teachers

2. Add your teachers if they are not already listed with us

3. Rate your teachers

4. Share the website and individual teachers with your friends and followers

Check out our Site Guidelines.

6. Is MTT in my city?

You can rate any teacher in any city in India. Our database lets you find/add/rate teachers from all over.

7. How can I advertise on MTT?

View our Advertise button on the footer of the website.


1. How do I find a teacher on MTT?

Search! Our mighty search is really easy to use and a great filtering tool to find suitable teachers. The ‘Find Teacher’ search bar can be found on the homepage of our website.

2. Can I refine my search results?

Sure! You can filter your results on the search results page that appears after you enter a subject/name on the homepage and click on search.


1. What are your rating guidelines? What is acceptable?

Please view our site guidelines for a brief description of our rating scale. With regards to comments, take a look at our Terms of Use and ensure that you can justify your comments. Stay away from cuss words and unreasonably harsh language and ratings. Think of ways you in which you can provide feedback to teachers to improve their teaching methods, or commend teachers who do their jobs well.

2. Will a teacher know that I have rated him or her?

Only if you choose to not be anonymous.

3. Should I simply use this website to get even with my teachers? Are most of the ratings negative?

Use this website to rate all your teachers freely, but ensure that your ratings are reasonable and that you can justify them. If a teacher genuinely needs improvement, rate the teacher negatively, but ensure that you stay away from cuss words and adhere to our Terms of Use. Also, use this as a platform to rate your good teachers as well. Think about how certain teachers have inspired and changed you for the better, and give them the credit they deserve.

4. Why was my comment deleted?

Comments that are inconsistent with our Site Guidelines and Terms of Use are removed by the MTT Administration Team.

5. How is the overall rating calculated?

Each rating criteria gets an average rating, which is the average of all the ratings entered for each of the 5 rating criteria. The Overall Rating is simply an average of all individual average ratings. It’s actually not as confusing as it sounds.

6. Who can see my reviews on MTT?

Everyone can! It is the best way to make sure our community values the truth. Don’t be afraid to speak the truth. It’s what makes MTT so useful.

7. What makes a great rating?

Honesty is our favourite policy. So stick to it and your rating will be awesome!

8. Can I review any teacher even if I have not taken him/her, but know about them through friends?

Sure! Just remember our honesty policy above.

9. What if I had a bad experience with a teacher, can I write a bad review?

Absolutely - be honest! Having said that, be sure to view our Terms of Use and Site Guidelines. MTT is about telling the truth so that others can make more accurate decisions. Also, the power of the MTT community may actually improve teachers’ performances based on your honest rating.


1. Why can’t I add a teacher without signing up?

We need to keep a track of who is adding teachers mainly to ensure users don’t add fake teachers. Also, we need to ensure that your email address is valid.

2. I added a new teacher. How long will it take before the new teacher is approved by the site?

There is no approval process for new teachers added by students. You’ll be able to view and rate a new teacher as soon as you add the entry. There is however a verification process for teachers who want to display their contact details and display picture, which is the job of the MTT Administration Team. Teacher information will be verified in the order in which it is submitted. Note: Do NOT add a teacher twice. First find the teacher you want to rate or view on our website, and only if she doesn’t exist should you add her.


1. What does MTT do with my private information?

We take our users’ privacy very seriously. We do not sell, share, rent, trade, or give away any of your personal information, unless we are required to do so by law. We hate spam! If you feel that your personal privacy has been violated in any way either by the MTT community or the company, please let us know by contacting us through our contact form on the header of the website.

Disclaimer: This website is merely to provide information to students about teachers and the choices that are left open to them. This information in no way is intended to offend any teacher or promote any teacher. All comments made by any students are strictly their comments and in no way represent the views of the website or Fuse Publications Pvt. Ltd. This information is provided on the basis of the public's right to know and on the basis of freedom of speech and expression.